PowerTeacher Pro Help Videos

Gradebook Procedures – when a student transfers in to or out of your class.



Below is a list of videos to help teachers with the all aspects of this new gradebook.

Getting to know
PowerTeacher Pro

Everyday use

Getting in to your gradebook (:42) Entering grades (1:26)
Grade calculations (formerly final grade setup) (2:21) Switching between classes (:35)
Scoresheet view modifications (1:43) Emailing a class (1:57)
Switching between classes (:35) Running reports (3:16)
Changing a term or quarter (:44) Creating assignments (1:52)
Copying Grade Calculations (1:56) multiple classes (:27)
Creating categories (1:54) editing existing (1:11)
Comments (3:56) individual students (:40)
Copying assignments (1:27) Importing scores (2:00)
Renaming your classes (1:41)
Final grade status (1:22)

Various Views

Standards-based Grading

students’ grades views (1:52)  Grade calculations (formerly final grade setup) (2:34)
class progress charts (2:05)  Entering grades (1:35)
category totals (:35)  Creating Assignments (2:47)
all reporting terms (:35)  Students’ scores views (2:02)
category list (:33)